Premium Lawn Care Services

Who We Are

The name’s MC Professional Lawn Care & Snow Plowing, LLC. We’re a family owned, professionally trained lawn care company in Ashtabula, Ohio. We’re here to serve all types of clients, from thriving companies to proud homeowners. Our services and results speak for themselves – in the past years we’ve satisfied countless customers, we’ve transformed innumerable lawns from neglected patches of earth into true works of art.

Our final mission is to turn all of Ashtabula County, along with the neighboring ones as well, into a dreamlike land of green fields and ever-blooming flowerbeds. Yet, throughout our endeavor, the top spot on our priority list has been and always will be customer satisfaction.

What We Do

Lawn care is only the gist of what we do. In actual fact, we provide a lot of other services that are either included in or related to lawn care.

  • Full Property Maintenance. We take on this momentous task with great pride. We strive for perfection in everything we do, so if you hire us to take care of all lawn care needs of a specific property, we will not falter one bit!
  • Landscape Design and Installation. We take care to install some of the most impressive landscape designs. Before we begin, though, we will always check with our customers to see if our visions are on the same page.
  • Snow Plowing, Spring and Fall Cleanup. Our company provides year-round services for taking care of your lawn. In the winter we come and take out all the snow. In spring we make sure to clean everything up after the cold months, and we also start to work on landscaping. In summer and fall we pamper you lawn, giving it all it needs to blossom fully with life. We also provide cleanup during fall and scheduled lawn mowing.

Yet, that’s just a sample of what we do. Edging, core aeration, seeding, fertilization, weed control, hardscapes, irrigation, mulch laying, trimming, and a lot of other services are available at the customer’s request.

How We Do It

To get the job done and do it well, we make sure our teams of experts in lawn care get proper training. Aiming for excellence and overshooting that goal is one of our specialties. To do this, we guarantee three things:

  • Skilled experts to take care of all your lawn care needs. Our team of professionals is trained to deal with absolutely any situation, any type of soil while making sure all the customer’s wishes are granted.
  • Top-notch quality assurance and customer relations. We check, double-check, and then check again to make sure everything is in order. All the while we also consult with the customer to make sure his or her wishes are met.
  • Year-round maintenance and lawn care. Our job is never done. Even when your lawn is green and beautiful, we strive to make it stay that way.

Hassle Free Lawn Care for Your Very Own Lush Paradise

Remember to contact us in order to schedule an appointment. You can do that by filling out our Free Estimate form and an employee will contact you. Need Fast Service? Give us a call at (440) 224-2448!