Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration and Overseeding for Breathtaking Lawns

These two key elements of lawn care too often get overlooked. However, here at MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, LLC we take great pride in the fact that we can provide these services. Not all lawn care companies have such advanced procedures available for customers. Yet, the thing that they don’t realize is how vital these processes are for a beautiful lawn to become a reality.

Do you want to have a golf course in your own front yard or back yard? If so, come to us. The basic answer to how these golf courses get their lawns so perfectly trimmed, perfectly mowed, and their grass such a perfect green is this: aeration and overseeding. So let’s see what these two key concepts of lawn care imply!

Aerating the Soil for a Healthier Lawn

Aerating is a very common term used in lawn care – but what does it mean? If you’re not into this artful craft, you’re probably not familiar with it. However, it’s kind of like aerated chocolate (if you’ve ever had this yummy delight). Here’s how it goes:

  • The new lawn. Everything is beautiful, the grass is green and everything looks perfect. However, as time goes by, the soil upon which that lawn sits gets pressed down by people passing over it (you, your family, etc.). This increases the thatch accumulation and reduces the space that the soil has to breathe and to move around. Needless to say, that’s not good.
  • The aerating. Using a special aerating tool on the mower, our team mows your lawn so that the soil gets more space to breathe. But how does this happen? Basically, this process bores holes in the soil that go in a bit deeper than the thatch, allowing for air to penetrate down to the lower levels of the roots. This also allows for more room for the soil to compact.

Overseeding the Soil to Get a Golf Course Feel

The trick with this one is to plant different types of grass seeds consecutively. Using a seed spreader, our team will effectively spread grass seeds all over your lawn, guaranteeing that the holes bored through the aeration process are filled.

  • Overseeding improves the look of the lawn. Because there will now be several types of grass growing together, your lawn will look particularly lush and green. It will also feel a lot better to touch since a single type of grass typically gives a rougher look and feel.
  • The empty spaces created through aeration are perfect. Since the soil is richer the more you go down, those little hole bored through aeration will be perfect for the new seeds. In a few weeks after the overseeding process, we guarantee that your lawn will win beauty prizes for how good it looks.

Professional Aeration and Overseeding for Your Lawn

Want to make use of our professional aeration and overseeding lawn care services? Do not hesitate to contact us! Leave us a message, give us a call – we don’t care! We guarantee we’ll meet your needs and overachieve any task you put ahead of us.

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