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Mulch installed in a landscape bed at a home near Jefferson, OH.

Landscaping Services in Madison, Ashtabula, Jefferson, & Nearby Areas of Ohio

Keep your property beautiful and healthy with our landscaping services.

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Landscaping Services In & Around Madison, Ashtabula & Jefferson, OH

We offer services like mulch installation, landscape bed weed control, trimming and pruning, and more.

Professional trimming shrubs into a beautiful shape near Madison, OH.

If you want to enhance the beauty and health of your property, then our landscaping services are exactly what you need! At MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, our high-quality landscaping services will make sure that your property is well cared for and in tip-top shape. Our landscaping services include mulch installation, landscape bed weed control, trimming and pruning, and more!

We offer our landscaping services to homes and businesses, as well as HOAs, in Madison, OH, and surrounding areas like Ashtabula and Jefferson. Give us a call today at (440) 224-2448 to schedule any of our landscaping services!

  • Trimming & Pruning

    We offer both trimming and pruning services to improve the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. We can trim back any overgrown branches, and we practice selective pruning to remove any that are causing problems.

    We can trim and prune trees up to 20 feet tall!

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  • Mulch Installation

    Mulch ground coverings are a great option for your landscape beds. Installing mulch in your landscape beds can enhance their appearance and provide health benefits to your plants. Our most popular mulches are black and brown dyed mulch. Since it breaks down over time, we can replenish your mulch once a season.

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  • Rock Installation

    Rocks make a great ground covering for your landscape beds since they require little maintenance to keep up with. We can install several kinds of rocks in your landscape beds, including natural river rocks, Canadian blue stone, and black slate stone.

  • Industrial Vegetation Control

    Unkempt vegetation can really drag down the curb appeal of your commercial property, but we can fix that with our industrial vegetation control service. We will remove vegetation from places like parking lots, walkways, and other hardscape areas.

  • Irrigation Winterization

    Winterizing your irrigation system is essential to ensure it makes it through the winter without being damaged. As part of our winterization service, we will shut down your system and blow all of the water out of it so that water won't freeze in it during the winter and damage it. We typically offer this service in November.

  • Irrigation Startup

    When the winter passes, you’ll want to get your irrigation system up and running so it can start providing water to your grass and plants. When you sign up for our irrigation service, we will bring your system back online in the spring and evaluate it to ensure it's operating perfectly.

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  • Grading

    If there’s frequent flooding on your property, it may be time to schedule our grading service. 

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  • Bush Hogging

    If you have any overgrown vegetation on a large piece of land that a regular mower can’t handle, we’ve got you covered with our bush hogging service! We have tractors and skid steers that will break up untamed vegetation so you can reclaim your property.

Call us today to schedule any of our landscaping services!

Irrigation specialist testing a sprinkler and system near Ashtabula, OH.

No matter what your landscaping needs are, we have you covered! At MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, we offer our landscaping services to residential and commercial properties, along with HOAs, in Madison, Ashtabula, Jefferson, and nearby areas in Ohio. Call us at (440) 224-2448 to schedule any of our landscaping services today!

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