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Grub Pre-Emergent and Grub Post-Emergent – the Basics

Of all the things that can damage your lawn, grubs are probably the most annoying. These pests are really disgusting. They usually come in and destroy the roots of your plants by eating them. Not only that, but grub-infested soil will decrease the aeration and cause you to have other problems on top of this pesky creatures. We here at MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, LLC specialize in controlling the population of these pests.

Our teams have specific strategies drawn out for every single type of lawn they encounter. A lawn must be treated to repel grubs both pre-emergent and post-emergent. But what do those terms mean? What exactly are grubs? Could understanding them better equip us for dealing with them? Let’s see some info!

What Are Grubs?

We all know that grubs are some sort of white worms that make our insides turn upside down. Yet what do we actually know about them apart from that?

Well, grubs, specifically white grubs (the ones we most often encounter eating away at our lawn’s roots) are the larvae of the beetles that usually roam about the area that you’re from. They emerge from beetle eggs and start eating your roots as soon as they’re born.

The timeline goes like this:

  • The eggs hatch in late summer.
  • Larvae immediately start feeding on your plants.
  • They do so until late spring or early summer of the next year.
  • Then, the fully matured beetles emerge from the soil and start wandering about.
  • The new generation lays its eggs.

The cycle then repeats itself. However, there are a few simple and foolproof ways to deal with grubs. Luckily for you, we here at MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, LLC know them by heart!

How to Get Rid of Grubs

For getting rid of grubs forever, we recommend you call us. Here’s what we’ll do to spare your soil an unwanted grub infestation:

  • Aerate the soil. As we’ve already said in our bit about aeration and overseeding, this step is extremely important. Add to the obvious benefits the fact that it may also kill off quite a few grubs, and you know you just have to do this!
  • Apply milky spores. There are a lot of solutions on the market that can be effectively used for getting rid of grubs. These don’t only get rid of the grubs, they also enrich the soil and prevent the apparition of grubs for years.
  • Apply other solutions. For soils that are teeming with grubs, milky spores may not be enough. Not to worry, we have other mixtures or solutions for the grubs, many of which are extremely effective. Nematodes are one, another is applying a special fertilizer that eradicates grubs, prevents grub eggs from hatching, and also enriches the soil.

No More Grubs on Your Precious Lawn

We promise that if you call us, we’ll get rid of all of your grubs. Just remember that the best way to prevent grubs is to adequately aerate the soil and to make sure it stays healthy all year round! You can also pick up the phone and ask us more about this. We’re all happy to help!

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