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We all wish that we could enjoy our backyards more often, especially during the warmer seasons. However, it always seems as if the moment we step outdoors, the bugs begin swarming about us.

Whether you’re trying to enjoy a summer BBQ meal outside or merely enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, it doesn’t take more than a few bug bites to send you back inside. Instead, you can enjoy a pest-free lawn this summer with the trusted name in outdoor pest control services.

Choosing MC Professional Lawn Care means affordable options that create lasting results. We apply exterior spraying services to guard your home inside and out from anything that bites, crawls, or flies.

From the risk of ticks from a nearby wood or invasive ants and spiders, we protect you for longer from every threat. If you’re tired of lackluster results from canned spray products, we offer the professional choice each time.

Outdoor Pest Protection

Since 2009, we’ve remained the trusted choice in Ashtabula, Ohio protection for more homes suffering from invasive bugs. We create a barrier that forces pests away from your house, discouraging them from coming inside.

Intense heat, cold, and storms all make bugs head indoors for protection. By making it impossible for them to cross the threshold, it prevents more pests from entering your residence, as well as keeping it more difficult for them to stay in your yard.

Our product is an industrial grade poison spray that stops insects without posing a threat to you and your family. Just one application provides weeks of pest-free enjoyment around the perimeter of your home.

You’ll find our application to remain the top choice for all your pests, including ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and more. When you need better protection from bugs for your home, look no further than us.

Ashtabula Pest Control

Some homeowners may find themselves wondering if there is a difference between indoor and outdoor pest control applications. Simply put, interior sprays kill bugs already present, while exterior spraying prevents them from entering your house.

Whatever type of residential maintenance you’re seeking, it almost always boils down to prevention remaining the most direct way to promote better upkeep. In the same vein, preventing ticks from coming inside your home means never needing to worry about your children or pets getting bit.

How many times have you attempted to grill chicken or veggies for dinner, only to attract every pesky fly in the neighborhood? When you choose us for preventative outdoor pest control sprays, it means reducing your daily invasions for less.

When you need the best in local exterior pest control, you need MC Professional Lawn Care for the best results possible each time. Call now for your affordable choice in local bug prevention services.

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