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Professional Lawn Care for Impeccable Landscapes

Do we provide the best lawn care in the whole state of Ohio? You’ll have to ask our customers! However, if you’re out and about on Ashtabula, you’ll probably see more than one wow-worthy lawn in your neighborhood. Chances are, their landscaping needs were met by us – the MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, LLC.

Our lawn care services feature a wide array of lawn maintenance tasks that we undertake so that everything in our clients garden looks top-notch once we leave. But even when we do, we know that no garden, lawn, or landscape can be built to be evergreen. After all, this is nature we’re talking about! So we promise to not only offer a complete makeover to your lawn but also come back and see how our pet project is doing!

Lawn Care Is Essential to Secure a Stunning Landscape

If you want to see the sun gently touching the leaves of grass in between beds of intricate flower designs and artsy rock formations, we’re just the company for you! But before we do all, we need to make sure that your lawn is nice and neat. That’s why we offer the whole package to taking your landscape to the next level!

Here are a few sample services that fall into the specific area of lawn care:

  • New Lawn Installation. In the case that your lawn is completely ruined and growing it back up would be an incredible hassle, we can provide new lawn installation! For this, we prepare the soil, make sure it’s ready to take in a new blanket of freshly planted grass, and then we secure it in place.
  • Your new lawn must stay a healthy wild green. To make sure it doesn’t lose its color, our company also offers to install automated irrigation systems.
  • No time to mow it yourself? We know how lawn mowing can take long hours to do properly and most people just don’t have that amount of time to do it themselves. No problem! You can hire us to do it for you! We’ll regularly check when the lawn needs mowing and schedule it so that you never have to gaze upon an untidy patch of grass ever again.
  • Mowing is just a part of maintaining a full lawn. We provide the full service so you’ll know that we never stop at a job half-done. We like to take care of everything to the end, especially since lawns are ever-changing and always need to be taken care of.

Quality Lawn Care Services Guaranteed

Our services are designed so that you know who to call for whatever type of lawn job you need done. Speaking of calling, if you’d like to get an estimate, settle an appointment, or simply ask us a question, you can do that through our contact form. There you will be able to email us and call us – whichever you prefer.

How’s your lawn holding up? Are you thinking of changing it? Does it need a mow? Would you say it needs to be watered more frequently? If any of these questions describes your case, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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