Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizer & Weed Control – Two Invaluable Services

Here at MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, we take great pride in the services that we offer. One of these services implies applying fertilizer to your lawn and weed control. This is a key process to securing your landscape and making sure it not only looks good now, but for the whole season!

As a family owned business, we know that the lawn is one of the key elements surrounding your house. With its live green grass, its butterfly-hovered flowerbeds, and its bright, sunny look, it enchants the eyes of the passersby and walls your property with an invisible wall of magic! That’s how important the lawn is to us.

Still, not too many people see the advantage of applying fertilizer to their lawns. However, weed control appears to be one of the top priorities of lawn maintenance. What if we told you the two go hand in hand? Let’s see why they’re equally important:

How Fertilizer & Weed Control Will Help Your Lawn

The first step to an impeccable lawn is cleaning up the old earth and laying a new blanket of fresh lawn on top. Now, this new blanket that has just been laid lacks a lot of things and will most definitely not survive too long without our help.

  • The lawn is alive. Each blade of grass is its own plant. This is the first step to acknowledging how important fertilizer and weed control are for your lawn. Like all plants, grass itself also needs fertilizer to help feed it.
  • The lawn doesn’t grow on its own. Believe it or not, a lawn must be taken great care of in order to achieve that healthy, nature-y look that you see in photos and movies everywhere.
  • New lawns are weak. We need to strengthen the roots of the new lawn. Fertilizing it is the first step. As lawns typically require slow release fertilizer, they will take the nutrients they need in time. This will make their roots stronger.
  • Cutting out weeds. Of course, even before laying the new lawn, the earth must be cleared of weeds.
  • Controlling the weeds. This is easy! All we need to do with your soil is to fertilize it until the roots of the grass spread sufficiently inside of it. This way, they will effectively suffocate the weeds and prevent them from emerging.
  • Some fertilizers are stronger. We only apply these in certain stages in the development of a lawn, but some fertilizers act both as nutrients for grass and as controllers for basic weeds found in the lawn.

Keeping You Lawn under Control

We specialize in keeping your lawn under control. Whether it’s through fertilizer and weed control or through mowing, irrigation, and maintenance. Our professionally trained team of experts know the exact stages through which a lawn goes and thus know how to apply both the fertilizer and how to keep the weed under control.

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