Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Spring and Fall Clean-up for Lawns above Reproach

Have you ever wondered how so many lawns look so great even after harsh winters, long autumns, or both? Well, it’s with services like ours at MC Professional Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, LLC that these beautiful landscapes come to be. Specifically, among our wide array of lawn care and landscaping services, we do pride ourselves with the spring and fall clean-up services.

After a long winter, the blanket of snow slowly going away leaves behind a layer of nasty dead plants and dead leaves. Yet, all this can be remedied, and your lawn can become bright, cheery, and super-duper once again. All you need is a little spring clean-up.

Likewise, after a summer full of life, the lawn may not be what you’d hoped. Besides the usual mow, the lawn must be tidied up by removing leaves, bushes, weeds, and back plants. This will prepare the yard for the cold months to come and leave minimal things to do for when nature comes back to life in the spring.

Spring Clean-Up for the Perfect Lawn

Why is spring cleaning important for the lawn?

  • We will remove all the debris that has gathered over the winter.
  • We will prepare the yard for the new seasons when nature comes to life.
  • All dead leaves, dead plants, sticks, and stones will be removed completely.
  • The soil must be cleaned of all the imperfections and a soil sample must be taken.
  • Weed control starts now – even before the new lawn is to be installed.
  • Any other small cleaning projects in your yard can be completed upon request.

Spring clean-up is the necessary first step in creating the landscape of your dreams. Armed with a rake, broom, and a few other utensils, our professionals come in and get the job done quickly and completely. They will probably finish everything within a day, but if more are needed, they won’t hesitate to come back. After all, this is done, you can move on to landscape design and installing your new lawn.

Fall Clean-Up for a Winter Break

Fall clean-up is a better idea than spring clean-up. Although both of them are advised, it’s much better to opt for the former while there’s still time and the snow hasn’t settled in. Cleaning up your yard during the fall can significantly improve the chances that your spring, summer, and autumn landscapes will look stunningly beautiful; for several reasons:

  • The weeds that are in the soil will not remain dormant over the course of the cold season.
  • The dead leaves, plants, sticks, and all other organic matter will not be allowed to germinate.
  • No more food for the weeds. If there isn’t any debris, weeds won’t have what to feed off.
  • Coupling fall clean-up and spring clean-up gives a better chance that all weeds are removed.
  • The weed controlling process starts now. Our clean-up team will know what your soil needs.

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